Opportunities to Influence

We are stronger together.

ADWA’s advocacy strength is in its membership. ADWA is the recognized voice and advocate for the community disability service workforce. Our advocacy is focused on the priorities members identify and is strengthened by membership numbers.

Opportunities to Network

Share and learn together.

ADWA provides opportunities to connect with peers, self-advocates, families, government personnel and other allies in many ways such as panel discussions and forums.

Opportunities to Lead

ADWA Champions, Committees, Board Membership and more.

ADWA Champions help to build a valued, proud and professional workforce and act as a conduit between the workforce and ADWA. ADWA Committee opportunities for members include Membership, External Relations and Certification. The ADWA Board is comprised of a maximum of 11 ADWA members. There are always other opportunities for membership involvement.

Opportunities to Grow

Building a valued, skilled and certified workforce.

Members take great pride in their profession and the positive impact of their work on others. ADWA encourages education and training and strives for formal recognition of members’ skills and professionalism through certification.

Opportunities to Save

We all love a good deal.

Perkopolis provides ADWA members with a one-stop shop for discounts on things like flights (ie: up to 15% off with WestJet), vehicle rentals, hotels and more!

Summary of Benefits

Membership in ADWA says your work is not just a job – it is a profession!

ADWA will provide you with many benefits. Your ADWA membership gives you access to a wealth of knowledge about best practices, new resources, advocacy efforts, jobs in the disability sector and more. ADWA is a membership-driven professional association. You will have a voice with people who listen and take action on your behalf.