Sometimes we need help with our emotions, not just solving support problems. Don’t wait until you are exhausted or burned out. These sources sometimes have help lines for professional support, or group support (in-person or online coffee chats) or online resources/workshops to help you develop the skills you need to help yourself. Check them out!

Financial Self-Care

One’s financial situation can be a source of stress. No one is going to get rich as a disability worker. The psychology of money is complicated. Here are some factors that influence how people relate to money:

  • Money vigilance – keeping a close watch on the money you make and what you spend.
  • Money status – how your income and possessions affect your self-esteem.
  • Money worship – believing that money is the key to happiness, and that a change in your money will affect your ability to live and be happy.
  • Money avoidance – the belief that wealthy people are greedy, and money is bad, or that money issues get in the way of being able to help people.

While ADWA, Albertans Advocating for Change Together (AACT) and Alberta Council of Disability Services (ACDS) will continue to advocate for fair wages that reflect the skill required by disability workers, there is no substitute for good money management skills. If you think there is more that you could do to manage your money so that it is not a significant source of stress in your life, there are places to go to get help, usually for free.