ADWA Committees

ADWA Committees are made up of selected board members, other interested ADWA members and invited experts. If you have interest and skill relevant to the work of a committee and wish to volunteer your time and energy, please contact us at

Certification Committee – The Certification Committee guides the development of ADWA’s certification process and core competency standards, while setting directions for the implementation process.

Governance Committee – The Governance Committee develops policies and ensures the structure and processes of the organization function effectively. The Governance Committee also manages the annual board nominations process, vets and educates candidates about board member responsibilities and conducts board elections.

External Relations Committee – The External Relations Committee plans advocacy efforts to represent the interests of our workforce on behalf of ADWA and its members. This includes working cooperatively with other committees and partner organizations, as appropriate, on matters of common interest, and alignment of the ADWA Strategic Plan and other objectives of the Board.

Finance Committee – The Finance Committee oversees the finances of the Association and provides information to the board so that fiscally responsible decisions can be made for the Association. Duties include preparing budgets, accounting of funds, reporting ongoing financial status to the board and arranging for regular reviews by an accounting firm.

Membership Committee – The Membership Committee develops strategies to recruit new members, retain current members and engage the membership of ADWA. This includes making recommendations to the board on ways to promote and increase membership, advising the board on membership needs, and partnering with other committees, as appropriate, on matters of common interest. Another large part of the Membership Committee is the Champions Program; proud disability workers are willing to be the face of ADWA in their community and organization to speak to others about what ADWA is doing, what they are doing in the disability profession, and sharing the latest in the E-bulletins.